Treasure trails are downloadable treasure hunt maps for places around the country suitable for children aged from around 7 years

We put the murder mystery trail located at Ironbridge Gorge to the test. It costs £6.99 for each map.

The trail was easy to download and I received a pdf file to print out. You can also ask for it to be printed out and posted to you for a additional £1.49 or you can personalise the front cover for £9.99 plus £1.49 delivery.

The instructions are clear and straightforward and even the postcode for the start of the trail is given (in our case a car park in Ironbridge). All trails take a circular route so you get back to where you parked the car. You won’t need to pay extra admission for anywhere along the route so really this is a very good value way of seeing lots of hidden parts, off the beaten track, you perhaps wouldn’t normally visit.

The Iron Bridge, the first ever built in the world, was closed for restoration but the surrounding beautiful scenery and history more than made up for it.

Our task was to find the murderer of Sid “Smelter” Smith from a suspect gallery of 20 potential culprits and the weapon, from a selection of six choices.

We had to follow the clues that are given to work out from fixed landmarks the answers and eliminate suspects and potential weapons. The answers were hidden in anagrams, street names, house signs, information boards and on monuments and involved careful deduction!

The trail took us up some steep hills, given amazing views of Ironbridge and surrounding areas.

It was a hot day so it is a good idea to take water and snacks in case of fatigue and to keep tired legs going!

If you get stuck with some of the clues you can use the free text service to get up to three answers (there were a total of 24 clues on our walk so we did need this!). Make sure you type in the clue number correctly as they are very strict on this limit!

It took us around two hours to complete the trail and we all really enjoyed it. The clues were challenging enough for it to be interesting but straightforward enough to be fun. We were very impressed by how the boys used their cryptic skills to work some of the clues. You also need to be observant and notice all the details on the monuments making sure you read instructions carefully so very educational too!

We managed to work out the murderer and the weapon and entered into the monthly draw to win £100 so fingers crossed for that!

Next time we will try one of the Spy Mission trails to try something different. There are also Treasure Hunt trails to do. It really added something to your standard walk and was great family fun. It would also be perfect to do with friends.

Have you tried a Treasure Trail? How did you get on?

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