We are all looking for ways to get creative with our food and save some money at the same time. This can sometimes be compounded when you have fussy eaters who turn their noses up at the meals you have slaved over. It always seems even more bittersweet when they demand instead possibly one of the easiest meals to rustle up – beans on toast!

Here are some of our life hacks for handling feeding children and families:

  1. Invest in a slow cooker! These time and money saving device has been a saviour to us. You just pop all the ingredients in in the morning and my 5pm you have a delicious onepot meal for all the family. It is quick and easy to use, there are stacks of delicious recipes all over the internet and I have never been disappointed with anything we have made.
  2. Fussy toddler? I found with my first born that finger foods worked really well – cut up wedges of pineapple, frittata, home made pizza, breadsticks and dips were all winners. Eventually the struggle does and will end – then you will be struggling to fill them up!
  3. Stock up on regular eats in bulk. Last week I noticed a 27 pack of chocolate biscuits for £2 and a 9 pack was £1.45 in a supermarket! So look out for ways of saving money on things you regularly buy.
  4. Reuse drinks bottles – you know those child sized fruit drinks that come in the plastic bottles? After a good rinse out they can be filled up with any other cordial for your child to reuse on days out and picnics. This saves money on buying drinks bottles which can break or get lost and are a handy size.
  5. Meal planning is essential with a family – even it if is just a rough guesstimate of what and how much you will eat that week you can save a fortune in waste food. You also feel so much more relaxed and happy knowing what you are going to be eating each day.

Do you have any other life hacks to add to this list? I know it is endless!

This post is inspired by iLikeOffers who are encouraging parent bloggers to share their life hacks on topics such as family feeding, budgeting and potty training. 

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2 Responses to Top tips for feeding children and families #lifehacks

  1. Granny says:

    Good girl! I know your boys will eat almost everything and return for more. God help you when they are in their teens, you will need to buy lots of cereal Louise! Xxx

  2. I found not making a fuss when the boys refused something meant that in time they just got on and ate things. Now they like loads and we can all eat together as a family liking what-ever has been prepared. Yes, there are some things each of us doesn’t like but overall we all like most things.

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