Last weekend we had a glorious time at Golden Valley campsite in Derbyshire with friends. We took the tipi we had bought at Pinewood Park and had a wonderful time riding mini tractors, pond dipping, going on the epic zip slide and having fun with our friends.


 The weather did help but the company were the best we could have wished for!

We are now on countdown to the big Summer holidays – yey! Some lucky folk have already broken up but we have to wait until 21 July until we will be released into the wild!
Every parent knows that good planning and preparation is key to a stress free and enjoyable holiday. However at the same time you don’t want a regimented timetable without any time to just relax. Here are some of our tips for making the most of your time off with the kids…

  • Sign up to your local councils “What’s on” emails (and a few other nearby councils too if you can travel). Each week I get emails from a variety of councils in the area with details of what is happening (often for free) in the area. Sometimes I feel totally spoilt for choice which can bring its own stresses but in a good way.
  • Make note of what is happening on a calendar or diary – you can decide on the day what you fancy doing.
  • Investigate if there are any free activities such as Tesco FA skills and the Great British Tennis Weekend
  • Touch base with friends you don’t get chance to see in the term time and book in some meet ups in the park with a picnic.
  • Stock up on printables and craft sets (Wilko do some brilliant ones!) for when the weather is typically British.
  • Make sure the freezer is full of ice pops and the fridge is stocked with plenty of healthy snacks that the kids can just help themselves to. I find having a bottle of something alcoholic and fizzy chilled in there for yourself later also is a good idea!
  • Let the kids choose what they want to do as a reward for helping you with the daily chores.
  • Don’t tell the kids of your plans until you are on the way or completely ready to go- otherwise you risk being harassed before you set off!

I know this list isn’t exhaustive – what works for you?

Have a great Summer!


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One Response to Our tips for how to survive (and even enjoy) the School Summer Holidays…

  1. Lady Lilith says:

    Oh wow. Looks like such fun. Your kids are really enjoying themselves.

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