School’s out for Summer – yey!

On the last day of school (aka toy day) we jumped on an aeroplane and headed to visit Granny and Grandpa who, since retiring, mainly reside in the blistering heat of Italy.

When we booked this is was mainly because last year they disappeared for the whole of the summer and we didn’t see them much (apart from the two weeks we visited- hee hee they can’t escape that easily). Anyway this year we decided to stay for three weeks!

The first week we spent in at the seaside in a little place called Marina di Ginosa (found in the instep of Italy’s boot).

The sun was shining and the beach was beautiful. The sea was glorious – warm, clean and shallow for ages! The boys loved it! They even made some little Italian friends which was very sweet. The language of play is universal – transending all barriers!

In the evenings we were spoilt for choice of things to do. This is when everything comes to life and adults and children alike mix at the gelateria. We also found the fabulous “Las Vegas” amusement arcade – full of 50 cent rides for the kids to go wild on. We loved spending time with the children in the evenings and it is really nice to hang out together after a day on the beach.

We had lots of special moments in Ginosa but having a sandcastle building competition on the beach was one highlight.

After a week of fun on the beach my lovely Mum picked us up and took us to Calitri where we would spend the rest of our break. Calitri is a small town in the moutains of southern Italy. It is beautiful scenery and a very laid back, friendly feel. We stayed there for the last ten days of our holiday doing lots of playing in the park, eating pizza and icecream…

and, of course, hitting the pool…..




Lots of fun times!

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  5. Susan Mann says:

    What awesome pictures. It looks amazing. x

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