Uncle Milton have released a great range of science sets themed around Star Wars. Perfect for a fan of the film franchise or anyone with an interest in science or education.

The ForceLightening Energy Ball (RRP £24.99) allows you to harness the power of Force Lightening like Yoda and the Empire. The boys were mesmerised by it!

It needs four AA batteries (which aren’t provided) and then you are set to go.

The Energy Ball is essentially a plasma ball, around 6 inches in diameter. The box does give the appearance that it is bigger than this. You touch the Energy Ball and pulses of real plasma energy stream directly towards your fingertips so you can move light energy with your hands just like a Sith Lord.

I love the way the toy teaches children about science through the use of play. The best way to learn!

The boys decided it was the heat of your hands that created the reaction. They aren’t far from the truth. When a human finger touches a plasma ball, the filaments become attracted to it because the energy can discharge through our bodies. You can try different experiments like transferring the plasma energy to light up a fluorescent light.

I was disappointed that there isn’t actually much educational material with the pack.

The toy is suited for ages 8+ and there are other products in the range to encourage learning about magnetism, flight dynamics and electronic circuit boards.

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