Or to give it its Italian name of Laghi Monticchio is a beauty spot ideal to visit from Calitri in Southern Italy where we spent ten days of the Summer holidays.

The lake is surrounded my lush green trees and the abbey of St Michael’s stands on the hillside overlooking.

The mineral waters from extinct volcanoes in the area area also give the place a fresh, natural environment.

Peddle boats can be hired for an hour’s float around the lake. I let the boy’s take the driving seat!


There are restaurants and shops around the lake or you can also take a picnic or BBQ to eat in the surrounding woods. It is all very basic but good fun. The gelatto is very delicious!

We also hired these cute little pedal carts to cycle around the lake. It was hard going at times but fun to see the nature and lake from a different view!


We also visited St Michael’s chapel to get a glimpse inside the majestic building  that overlooks the lake.

It was ornate, yet simple, in the area behind the altar though the church was  surprisingly small. The monks who had lived here swore a vow of silence on entering. There were also some really cool models of some Italian churches such as The Vatican in Rome. The boys loved choosing which one they would live in!

Here is the view of the lake.

Afterwards we drive to Melfi castle. We didn’t look around but it was good just to have some culture and history after beach and pool fun.

We did sneak a look in the Throne room.,.

It was another great day out! What did you get up to over theSummer  holidays?

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