Ethan has talked recently of very little other than the caterpillars that they have got at school!

Yes, real caterpillars that they bought (!) and are looking after till they become butterflies when they will be released to the wild!

Last week I asked him what he had been doing at school, to which he replied “watching the caterpillars”… this has been a standard reply for every day since! He has told me about how hungry they are and how they are getting very fat. Apparently they eat “caterpillar food” which the teacher has bought.


The caterpillars now have built cocoons around themselves. This happened whilst Ethan was doing his work by all accounts. He looked at them in the morning, and one had built a cocoon and when he had done his work and returned a little while later four had built cocoons around themselves!

As well as the caterpillars they are looking after tadpoles (who also have some friendly sea snails sharing their tank!).

Here is a closeup of the tadpoles! I hope they all survive!

I think it is really lovely that the children are able to see nature growing in this way. Ethan is really loving looking after the tadpoles and the caterpillars and I think it is time he got a pet of his own. He really wants a fish which, although not very cuddly, will be low maintenance and a good starting point. Also I have seen some pretty cool aquariums at Pets at Home! Watch this space…

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  1. Liz says:

    Aww Lou that is so cute.

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