Iron Man, Captain America. Spider-Man, Hulk and all the gang have been a huge part of the boys’ formative years and we had all the figures, dressing up outfits and accessories that go with them.

As they get older they have loved the Marvel films and would still love to get dressed up as their favourite characters if they were available in their sizes I’m sure!

Marvel Universe Live really is something else when it comes to live action performance. I saw it compared to Cirque de Soleil nd that is definitely a brilliant analogy as there is so much going on you don’t know where to look!

The story is taken from the comic books tells about a cosmic cube that Thor shatters and scatters the pieces across the world. This cube when fully assembled would give its holder the ultimate power and in the wrong hands could be very dangerous. 

However Loki, Thor’s brother (who is a villian) locates the pieces and sets about his plan to take over the world with the help of his evil tribe. Step in the Marvel Superherors to save the day! 

Throughout the show there are amazing fireworks, pyrotechnics snd laser displays as well as awesome motorbike stunts and acrobatics. You are worn out with all the energy and excitement! 

It’s not just the boys that have all the fun Black Widow and Captain Marvel match the boys with their physical strength and skills (and have far better outfits!). 

As well as the action there is plenty of comedy – we meet Captain America helping an old lady to cross the road.

My photos, taken on my phone, don’t do it justice. Check out the official ones, and video, on the website below to see for yourself!

 Marvel Universe Live is on at Nottingham Arena this weekend then touring the country. 

Don’t miss it with your little Superheroes!

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2 Responses to Marvel Universe Live @nottinghamarena @marveluniverselive

  1. Granny says:

    Sounds such fun! I love super heros x

  2. Oh WOW! My son would love this, I must see if I can get tickets for a local show

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