We visited London just after the New Year celebrations – from 2-4 Jan 2020.

I have to say London just after New Year was brilliant! The Christmas light were still up (even though it felt like Christmas was a lifetime ago!), their were a few festive markets around and lots of trimmings and London looked beautiful!

Although it was busy at times as still school holidays, most people were back to work and getting into the routine.

We stayed at YHA Thameside located in a residential area a short walk from Rotherhithe overground station and, in the other direction, Canada Water tube station. The bright lights of Canary Wharf were just across the river.

The hostel was a great base. We had a large room with en-suite bathroom and there was a cafe, self catering kitchen and communal area with free WiFi.

The Tower of London

Sitting on the banks of the Thames this historical site is one of London’s top attractions!

Due to its key role in Britain’s history there are soooo many amazing stories to capture your imagination. We visited the room where it is rumoured King Richard kept his two princes, who were also his nephews, the chapel,  where Lady Jane Grey and Anne Boleyn are buried (and rumoured to haunt) and Noah was fascinated by the soldiers from the Barracks protecting the Crown Jewels. 

There was a huge queue to see the Crown Jewels but we managed to sneak around the back to the exit and popped in to see the crown!

The White Tower, the centre piece, features a huge displays of armour and artillery as well as spectacular views.

We bought the Historical Royal Palaces annual pass so can go back again! On the list had to be the Ceremony of the Keys where you can go for the nightly locking up of the Tower of London! How amazing does that sound!

Arcelor mittal orbit

Arcelor Mittal Orbit lies at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park next to the Stratford shopping centre. The impressive sculpture was created by German artist Carsten Höller at the invitation of Sir Anish Kapoor, designer of the ArcelorMittal Orbit. At 178m long, the 12 twists and turns wind through the UK’s tallest sculpture which doubles as a really high Helter shelter!

In order to try out the slide we booked in advance so just showed out tickets and were given a locker token to store out stuff. You can’t take loose items with you on the slide.

Once everything was stowed away you are led to the lift to take you up to the top of the tower. You can see the slide and the people whizzing through the tubes on their journey! 

At the top you are given head protection (but like a rugby scrum cap) snd arm padding then just wait In the queue for your turn! When it’s your info you put your feet into the bottom of the mat and lie back. I’m personally not a fan of things like this and thought I would scream! However it was really good fun!


Of course we had to keep busy in the evenings and saw School of Rock and Wicked when we were there. 

We picked up tickets on the day from the booths around Leicester Square and got some great deals. We were lucky to get the tickets for Wicked as, even though it was a huge theatre, it was very popular! I can absolutely see why though – I loved every minute of Wicked!

So this is all we managed to do in two nights! There are so many things to do and we will definitely be back soon to make the most of the Family and Friends Railcard we bought.

What are your favourite things to do in London?

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2 Responses to London 2020! @hrp_palaces @AMOrbit

  1. Sarsm says:

    Wow!! I would love to see a musical in London! Last time we went to visit we went for afternoon tea at Sanderson’s – I think that was my favourite thing. I also loved boating down the Thames.

  2. Granny says:

    You all look to have had such a good time ! I love London and you certainly visited lots of sights and shows!

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