Well it has been two days since Blogfest and I have had some time to digest all the amazing stuff from this awesome day.

The day started on a high as I was joined in the train carriage by Amanda, Penny, Amanda and Jen – all fabulous Nottingham bloggers.

So, here are the highlights (kind of in chronological order)!

  • The venue, Kings Place was a very handy walk from St Pancras!
  • At registration we were given a handy device that when “tapped” against another flashed and exchanged contact details! After the conference the information could be downloaded from the internet. They were just brilliant on so many levels! Hello to everyone I tapped with!
  • Plenty of intelligent, eye opening debate from some fabulous guest speakers including..
  • Stella Creasy rocking the audience with heated debate about horrendous twitter abuse and threats versus freedom of speech and a grey area of law enforcement. Thought provking stuff!
  • Focus on on thing per blog post and keep it concise (picked up from comedy writing session). Also loved Tim Dowling (even more) and Viv Groskop made me laugh lots.
  • Professor Tanya Byron talking sense as ever about the elitism in the education system and how children should be properly informed about best use of the technology at their fingertips. I don’t have any faith in teachers doing this so I will be sitting down with my kids to make sure they know!
  • Dr Su Black telling us all about savvy tech mums project which I would love to get involved in. It reminded me of the dissertation I wrote for my degree (20 years ago!) on “Women as Cyberpunks” and how women were harnessing the internet for their own purposes.
  • Amazing inspirational session on how female bloggers have been using social media to make big changes to causes they feel passionate about. Loved the Chair – Helen Lewis.
  • Having a major lightbulb moment when I realised that the look and feel of my blog is holding me back from writing.  I also don’t have a clue how to customise my blog template to amend that! Inspired by great tips from Gemma and Jax I am investigating ways to change my theme and get tons more control and ideas of what to do. No excuses now!
  • Jo Brand lightening the mood with her hilarious dead pan humour. I last saw her many moons ago at The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe and she hasn’t changed a bit (though I think she has definitely softened a little!).

I guess one low point was the final keynote panel (well not them personally but the debate that ensued) regarding “Can you be a mummy blogger and still a feminist”. I think Mumsnet knew this particular topic would send sparks and wanted to add some balance to a day when we had all being getting along so well.  I think the question itself would take a full day to debate fairly so it  really is a blog post in its own right (adds to “to do” list!).

I have been to lot of fantastic blogging conferences which have all being fabulous, insightful days. The thing I mainly love is the social side of it and catching up with people I follow online, meeting others for the first time or meeting totally new people and their blogs. Mumsnet Blogfest was no exeception and there were so many awesome, inspiring and friendly bloggers I can’t wait for next year when I hope they will do it all again.

Mark Warner Holidays were one of the sponsors of the day and as well as providing a very delicious cocktail bar, they were running a competition to win a family holiday in exchange for our family holiday top tip. So here is our contribution.

“Pack very brightly coloured distinctive sunhats and/or tshirts for the kids to wear when playing on the beach. That way you can relax and let them have some freedom but you can still spot them in a crowd”

For more tips on how to entertain the kids on your travels, the kit you absolutely shouldn’t leave home without and more visit the Mark Warner blog

To finish the marvellour day off after a few too many of said cocktails and delicious Williams Chase Gin and Fever Tree tonics we found the Talk Talk booth and behaved like teenagers…



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4 Responses to My highlights from Mumsnet Blogfest (and our family holiday top tip!)

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  2. Great post, love your highlights! Maybe meet you at the next one?!

  3. Granny says:

    Love the pink wig Louise! You look like Ethan so much! Xxx. Glad you gad a great day with so many like minded young women! Xx

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