Go Ape at Thetford Forest is the home to the original Go Ape and we were invited to try out their Tree Top Juniors course, which is aimed at children aged 6-12 years (children aged 4 or 5 can join in as long as they are accompanied by an adult).

Now the boys have done the course at our local Forestry Commission site, Sherwood Pines, quite a few times. The first time when Noah was just 4!

The Juniors course consists of rope crossings, obstacles and canopy exploring!

There is one big loop that you can choose to go on some paths that are trickier than others which is great for buildng confidence.

The route ends with the zip slide – woohoo!

For a price of £18 children are equipped with all the gear and sent off the have fun in the trees for up to an hour. This usually gives them enough time to go around the course at least once. We managed to go around twice.

The instructors are all very helpful and friendly. The children are strapped to a harness that even if they were to slip would hold them safe.

It was a great way to spend an hour amongst the beautiful forests.

Next time I get the feeling we will be coerced into the “big” one which us adults have done once before and are still recovering from!  Once children are ten years old they can go on the Tree Top Adventure with an adult. Argh!!


Are you a fan of Go Ape or are your children?

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  1. Emma says:

    This was the first GoApe we tried many years ago. I remember my then 6 year old loving it and my then 4 year old coming down as she was too scared!! To be fair she was very brave to even try!

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