Camping is one of our favourite things to do as the weather gets warmer. We have also done a spot of glamping – a more glamorous way to camp – adding a touch of luxury to outdoor living!

Warwick Castle has built its own Knight’s Village, which is a brilliant way to get the full-on experience of life at the castle. We visited last year and stayed in one of the lodges, for Noah’s 8th birthday. We had great fun and for the price, you also get two days entry via the VIP gate to the castle. It is just a five-minute walk from the castle and has its own car park which, if staying in the village, is free.

As well as the wooden lodges is the Avenue of the Kings where the King’s and Princess’s glamping tents are sited. This runs parallel to the river so sitting outside the tent you have a lovely view of families of ducks and geese passing by and also some outdoor space to play. We were invited to spend a night in one of the King’s Tents. Here is what we thought!

The Tent

The tent itself is made from sturdy canvas and is fastened down securely with a wooden base.

Inside there is a four poster bed and two single beds with fresh white linen and cosy blankets. It is very comfortable and welcoming and sets the scene for a regal overnight stay in luxury.We all slept really well and as the tent is lined with drapes (which adds the glamour and takes away the feeling of being in a tent) this offered some black out and also insulation. There isn’t any heating in the tent and it can be a bit nippy in the mornings so worth bringing an extra layer if you feel the cold.

There are also lights and a power socket. There is a storage chest to place bags in out of the way and a chair which can be taken outside.

At the front of the tent is a throne to sit on which has a cushion for extra comfort. There is also a barrel which serves as a table/storage and a chess table. The chess pieces (I am guessing) can be provided by reception which also has board games for hire at a deposit of £2. We didn’t use this facility as we were so busy!


Facilities on the site

Communal toilets and showers are available for users of the glamping tents in a heated block on the site. The showers were lovely and hot and there was plenty of room to store your towel etc in the cubicle. You do have to keep pressing the button to keep the water coming which is common on campsites. Towels are provided in the tent although don’t forget toiletries!

There is free wifi that can be accessed across the site.

A buffet breakfast is available (and included in the price) where you can eat like royalty. There is also unlimited hot drinks which can be accessed anytime during your stay. You can take drinks back to your accommodation if you want to.

Each evening a medieval feast is served which includes entertainment provided by two knights from the castle. This costs around £60 for two adults and two children. It is definitely worth doing as it is so different and unique to Warwick Castle.

On this occasion we didn’t join in with this, as we had done it before, and instead took a short drive into Warwick where we tucked into a delicious feast at Warwick Spice.

The next morning there was archery available after breakfast which children could have a go at. The boys loved this – and even managed a few bullseyes!

What did we think?

Warwick Castle is such a great day out and even though we have visited countless times we never tire of all that is going on as there is always something new!

As well as enjoying the latest addition to the activities – the Escape Rooms, the highlight for us was the War of the Roses Live is a brilliant show reenacting the happenings in the English Civil War between the Houses of York and Lancaster finally leading to the beginning of the House of Tudor. It is fun, educational and accessible and suitable for all the family.

Staying over at the castle really is the icing on the cake and for real luxury and comfort we would recommend the Knight’s Village for all the extra treats. With a choice of the lodges or the glamping tents, I think the glamping tents do add the element of something different which is always good to experience.

We did wonder why there were only two chairs in the King’s tent when the accommodation is for four, but this wasn’t a major issue as the boys were out playing or chilled out on the beds. it would have been nice to have the option of extra seating however if we wanted to play a family board game outside.

For the full experience of Warwick Castle then a stay in the Knight’s Village really is essential.

If glamping is just your thing then check out this wonderful post from Our Bucket List Lives where you will find a great selection of glamping options all over the UK!

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