Have you heard about the latest Microsoft product – the Surface Go tablet?

This product is designed to link technology with creativity and also is lightweight and accessible for use in the outdoors – all vital aspects of today’s world.

We were invited to an event in central London, hosted by Microsoft, featuring a panel comprising of representatives from different, associated areas – Cath from Outdoor People, Jen from Britmums, Gillian from Microsoft and William fromJohn Lewis, The intrepid Ben Fogle presided over the panel discussion.


As well as having the usual Microsoft products on it, the Microsoft Paint product goes one step further in providing creativity for everyone even those who don’t like drawing.

I always find drawing in Paint a bit clunky but the Surface Go has a pen (available at an extra charge) that is incredibly intuitive and responsive making the experience much more fun and natural. The boys loved the pen!

The panel discussed how important creativity is for children’s growth. Imagination brings creativity to life and of course, makes it more fun!


Technology can also facilitate outdoor adventures. There are stacks of apps that give ideas of things to do outdoors (if you are stuck for inspiration!). For example, Ordnance Survey has everything you need to find open space in your area, there are stargazing apps and countless ideas from blogs.

You can also use the tablet for taking photos, researching information and creating video.

The battery life lasts up to 9 hours so it is perfect for when you are out and about on the go!


The Surface Go is technology that all the family can use giving parents the opportunity to talk to their kids. Children love spending time with parents and it is so important to have this quality time when you let them last questions and find out answers for themselves.

Children are learning all the time from parents and see adults using technology for a million different.

Working together can achieve more than in your own so collaboration is a key skill that children use in real life.


Microsoft devices are security protected, providing that extra peace of mind.

It is also important to trust your children on the Internet with the boundaries that you would in real life.

Balancing the scales and juggling the benefits.

So it is all about balance and getting the spread of technology, creativity and outdoor play using skills that are used online and offline!

We had such a fun day in London! We visited the Lego shop, M&M store, Trafalgar Square and Chinatown.


Have you tried out the Microsoft Surface Go yet? Retailing at around £400, with the pen an additional £99, if you looking for a new tablet this is definitely one to check out!


When we get back to school eldest will be going up to Year 7! If you are in the same boat then check out these brilliant tips for secondary school from My Boys Club. There are some fabulous words of wisdom from parents who have been there and done it!

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