Last week we were in Nottingham after a morning at the university’s Summer Scientist thingy that we have been going to for the last three years. I was feeling brave so suggested going to the art gallery (Nottingham Contemporary) for a look around. This was met with frowns of “booorinng” and “do we have to…” but I was resolute and stuck to my guns. I so am going to have cultured children!

Anyway we got there and all good I mouthed “family bit” to the lady on the front desk and was directed to a large room in the basement, conveniently situated next to the loos and cafe.

On the stairs we passed a child carrying a lifesize paper cut out of herself. Wow the boys wavering interest was now piqued. This did look fun!

We were met by the lovely staff who explained the activity was to cut out a shape of yourself on the rolls of paper then decorate it in the style of the Italian artist, Carol Rama whose work was exhibiting upstairs. There were photocopied and stickers of eyes, eyelashes, nails, newspaper cutouts and crayons available to make a collage or drawing on your “shape”.

Noah chose a pose of him outstretched on the paper and got on with decorating this in his usual no nonsense manner. He finished his quite quickly and had a fabulous time trying in different hats and wigs on a nearby stand.

Ethan took a lot longer cutting out pictures, drawing and sticking onto his curled up shape that he wanted to produce.

We also had to write a “big question” onto our creation. One of those questions that there may not be an answer for or just something wE have wondered for a while and not found the answer”

As we have about 1001 “big questions” asked every day (usually when I’m trying to navigate myself through somewhere following sat nav on a crazy journey) this wasn’t a problem!

Noah wanted to know “what happens if soneone is standing there when the sun sets?” – love this one he thinks they would be set on fire.

Ethan’s was ” which is the biggest police station in the world?” As he is still police, emergency, fire etc obsessed.

It was a lovely, fun, relaxed session and great to see the kids getting creative. It is brilliant that there are lots of great family friendly activities such as this on for children to embrace.

What do you think? Are art galleries a place fir children?

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2 Responses to Getting Arty at @nottm_contemp #whoarewe

  1. Granny says:

    You are a brilliant mum Louise to take your boys to so many very interesting things. Xxx

  2. Angela says:

    They look like they had a fab time đŸ™‚ I used to take Megs to the Tate when she was little and so similar things, she loved it! X

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