This week it is our favourite subject as the theme for The Gallery – Play!

Play is so important for a child’s development and the boys do a lot of it indoor and out!

We don’t play as many family games as we would like to but as big boy goes to Cubs on a Tuesday night, I thought this would be a great opportunity for Noah and I to play some games!

We played our ultimate favourite game- the sneaky, snacky squirrel game which we reviewed about two years ago! It is so good and still going strong. Noah laughed at how it says it is suitable for 3+, “imagine a 3 year old playing this” he scoffed, until I reminded him he was 3 the first time he played it!


We also played the Tell Me game which we won at a school fair, and had lots of fun with! In this version there are two sets of questions, one easy and one more difficult. You spin the wheel and have to answer the question with an answer starting with the letter spun eg “Name a famous painter beginning with P” you could answer Picasso.


I can also report this game is great fun to play as adults with or without alcohol, as we proved last Saturday night when playing a version of this game with friends!

Finally he got out the honey bee game which is a bit like ker-plunk and features bees that fall through as you pull out the leaves and twigs. Noah loves it!


We are awaiting delivery of a new coffee table from Indigo furniture and I hope we will play lots of games on here and make it a regular family pastime!

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9 Responses to The Gallery: Play #thegallery

  1. Some good tips on family games, have never seen the honeybee one, will check it out!

  2. I like tell me! But all games are great fun, and good learning tools too.

  3. Tara says:

    We had a tradition when the kids were young that every year Santa would bring us a new game to play because he wanted us to all play together throughout the year!

  4. HelpfulMum says:

    The honey bee game looks like fun. We have an extensive Orchard Toys collection!

  5. Susan Mann says:

    Aww that looks a lot of fun. x

  6. Libby Price says:

    We have the honeybee game too! And frequently I find those pesky bees strewn around in random places!!!

  7. Those all look like great family games, perfect for a wet day indoors. #TheGallery

  8. Granny says:

    Playing games is such fun and a great way to pass a few hours. Xxx. You all loved playing games when you were younger especially Monopoly!

  9. LauraCYMFT says:

    We have the honeybee game and the kids love it. it’s a nightmare to set up though LOL

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