Ice skating has always been a bit of an endurance test for me. Either the boots are too big/small, feet numb with cold or I don’t quite have the confidence to let go on the rail at the edge.

However the boys love a bit of ice skating and it is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. The Nationsl Ice Arena in Nottingham have, this week in the lead up to Christmas Eve, a great deal offering reindeers to be fed and petted in Bolero Square as well as ice skating in the centre. 

Today however I have to totally change my perspective on ice skating! The boots were comfortable and my feet only felt cold after about a good hour of skating! I was also gliding around the ice and having a brilliant time! The boys also loved it. 

Noah is a skating natural and was off on his own very quickly. Ethan struggled a bit to find boots that fitted right for him and we hired a snowman to give him a confidence boost. He soon abandoned it and was off edging his way around without support. He did have a few tumbles but he had a life lesson in getting back up again after every fall!

Father Christmas was also there for a quick photo opportunity and chat. 

Tomorrow is the last day to see the reindeers there so don’t miss out. More details can be found here.

We are all feeling festive and can’t believe it is only three more sleeps till Christmas Day!

Do you like ice skating at Christmas? What gets you into the festive mood? 

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