Karina, one of the amazing rangers at Sherwood Pines, had some great tips for den building on our recent Bushcraft course. These are especially useful if you are planning on utilising your den for a purpose, such as sleeping in or using as a hideout to watch the wildlife.

    • Always drag your timber and cover the top of it with your hand, to avoid accidents.
    • Lay a anchor branch/trunk between two trees (balanced on the branches) to give you a good framework to build your den upon.
    • Avoid running around in the forest especially with sticks, branches etc in your hand.
    • Build your den below shoulder height if planning on sleeping in it as this will keep the warm air contained and keep you cosy.
    • Use moss, bracken, leaves etc as waterproofing and insulation on top of the sticks and branches that form the den.
    • Wear good quality gardening gloves to protect your hands from prickles, stings and splinters!
    • Have fun in your new forest habitat!
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3 Responses to Den building top tips #weloveforests

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  3. Susan Mann says:

    That looks like so much fun x

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