The rollercoaster to Christmas has already cranked into life and it will soon be time to jump on board! This year has been crazy busy with that pesky thing called work, and we haven’t made it to our “happy place” of Sherwood Pines forest as much as we  would like but the New Year is looking good so we will definitely be having lots of forest fun!

From the beginning of December Forestry Commission sites will be selling Christmas trees. We always get one from Sherwood Pines, so we are looking forward to getting back there, and enjoying the whole experience as part of our festive traditions.

There are lots of positive reasons for having a real tree at Christmas:

* Real trees are a renewable resource – another tree is planted for every one harvested

* It has been estimated that real trees used 10-times less basic materials and 5-times less energy than artificial trees

* Real trees are totally biodegradable and can be recycled and made into compost

* Real trees are the traditional option and also provide a Christmassy scent

* Growing real Christmas trees helps sustain the UK rural economy and provides jobs

Buying from the Forestry Commission gives you the reassurance that the tree has been has grown in a sustainable manner in the UK – for every tree harvested another is replanted – and that environmental factors have been considered. There is always a great choice of species on display and the Forestry Commission endeavours to provide excellent quality trees, with good needle retention, in a range of species including the traditional Norway spruce, dense, bushy pines and shapely firs. Plus for every tree sold you receive a free baby sapling, allowing you to plant and grow you own real Christmas tree for the future.
Choosing the right tree can be a little baffling. You want it to look good as well as function in your house with minimum fuss!

I think I am Lodgepole pine kinda girl – what about you?

As well as the excellent choice and quality of trees, there is always plenty to do at Forestry Commision sites with some even having Christmas trails , so you can make a day of choosing a Christmas tree.

If you are the crafty type here are some lovely ideas for forest Christmas crafts.

Tree sales start from the end of November and many of the trails will be running then too but check the times at your local FC site here.

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One Response to Which Christmas tree is right for you? @ForestryCommEng #SantaApproved #sherwoodpines #weloveforests

  1. Granny says:

    Immdefinately an A girl. I do love a real tree but as I have got older I’m afraid it’s become Impossible for us to carry a tree indoors with a heavy base so we have had to resort to an artificial tree which never will make up for a,real tree which we have always had throughout our life, I have resorted to finding a huge branch whilst out walking now in the warren next to our house and bringing it home to decorate and paint imaginary snow on it and hang cards on it. It’s a poor substitute for a real tree.

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