The Summer isn’t complete without a festival in my opinion and arguably the best festival for cooking has to be The Big Feastival.


Last year we had a brilliant time at Alex James’s cheese farm in Oxfordshire when we camped for the whole weekend. This year, having had a fantastic, but busy, Summer we could only make it for one day. We thought it would be interesting to see how the experience compared or if we would be hankering for our tent after a few hours!

We drove to the festival on Friday morning and arrived at the car park for around midday.

The first thing we saw when we arrived was the Weber Grill tent where a cookery class was going on. We have heard lots of amazing things about Weber barbecues and meant to return but apart from picking up a recipe book we never did make it back here till much later when it was closed! Next year!

The festival seemed to be bigger and busier than the year before and there were some new features as well as the familiar.

Our first stop was the AEG family kitchen for a cooking class with Gluts and Gluttony. Gluts and Gluttony started as a food blog and has grown into a business venture for Kathy and Mandy who offer private dining, cookery course and of course fabulous food ideas!

Our class was cooking Lamb Koftas served with beetroot garnish and flatbreads – yum yum! I love the AEG appliances – it really is a treat to cook on them. There is a brilliant hot plate on the job which cooked the flatbreads in a matter of minutes! The steam oven cooked the lamb really quickly and efficiently too. The hob is so efficient heating up and cooling down in a matter of seconds so very economical as well as safe.

We felt like we were on a cookery show with all the ingredients neatly prepared and ready. Noah loved every minute!

Here is the recipe – it really is a yummy and simple dish. You can download the recipe here.

Next up we signed Noah up for a Bakery class with Hobbs House Bakery. This was no ordinary cookery class and we actually learnt all about the bread production process right from the ear of wheat! The Royal Agricultural University gave the kids a lesson on the different types of crops we grow in the UK and how to identify them. We then had to separate the wheat from the chaff which actually was quite a fiddly job! It does make you think how patient our farming ancestors were to have done this all by hand before the job was replaced by machinery. Next stop was the Miller where the children saw their precious grains of wheat up through the mill to be ground into fine wholewheat flour.

Finally we went into the bakery tent to actually make the bread! We kneaded the dough using flour, water, sour dough starter and salt. Then rolled it out to be cooked on the Weber BBQ. Here is the yummy recipe!

Meanwhile Gary and Ethan were putting their cookery skills to the test over at the AEG Let’s Taste Live tent led by the fantastic Daylesford Farm. Here is a link to the recipes they made. This was the first time Gary had cooked on the induction hob and he was really impressed with it. Which is pretty handy as our gas hob is really on its last legs! The boys love cooking and are really getting to grips with the techniques which I think is impressive!


After all the cooking the kids were in need of a chill out so we went over to the hay bales to burn off some energy. I tried some delicious Barramundi wine samples. Why not! The day was going really fast! We watched an awesome performance from Heaven 17, ate and drank a bit more and as dusk fell headed to the fairground!

We have a brilliant day but we did miss the camping experience to really capture the festival magic. We managed to do so much in one day we wondered what we actually do over three days but there is so much going on and it all gets better as the weekend progresses so there is plenty to enjoy.

Next year will have to be back to camping!

Thank you to Rebecca at AEG for planning our day.

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