The beautiful Bolsover Castle, a fairytale Stuart mansion, just off the M1 in South Yorkshire is, for the first year, offering lucky families an Audience with Father Christmas!

Every weekend until Christmas (except Christmas Eve) you can book onto an experience that certainly is no ordinary visit to Father Christmas.


Located in the lavish Little Castle families gather to await Father Christmas. Of course, Father Christmas, is incredibly old and therefore incredibly tired and needs lots of sleep so the first job is to wake him up! Cue a child’s favourite activity – making lots of noise!img_3654

Once the jolly FC has been roused he is on top form asking the children to call out their names (all at once) and telling the children all about the different names he himself has around the world.

Of course he recognises all the children’s faces but he can’t quite remember all of their names!img_3655

He chats jovially about the real meaning of Christmas and tells the children a lovely story about how the robin got its red breast. The children are in rapture and it is all heart warming, fun and life affirming. In true pantoesque style there are lots of jokes that only the adults understand making it an entertaining experience for the whole family.

I won’t spoil any surprises if you are lucky enough to join in one of these experiences but there is lots of magic and delight that will make for very special memories and An Audience with Father Christmas will soon become one of your Christmas traditions I am sure.


If you get the chance to we would recommend a visit to Bolsover Castle for this special occasion.

Its costs just £4 (in addition to the standard admission charges which is free if you are an English Heritage member or from £26.50 for a family of 2 adults and 3 children or £10. 20 per adults and £6.10 per child) and children receive a small gift.

You can book your timed slot here.


Disclosure: We received free admission to the castle and visit to see Father Christmas in exchange for writing this post but our views are our own and unbiased. 

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  1. Granny says:

    That looks great fun! I love Bolsover Castle too, it’s in such a beautiful setting and great fun for a visit there. Good old Father Christmas looks wonderful. Magic!

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