Well goodbye 2013, that went in such a whirl didn’t it!? Last year I didn’t keep a paper diary and instead used by phone for everything, which worked but then I got a new phone and it seems to have “lost” everything until October. However, this is just one other reason why having a blog is so great, as it is there to record, perhaps not EVERYTHING you do but definitely capture some of the significant moments. So hurrah I can see what we did last year without having to rely on my aging memory!

The fabulous Emma has a brilliant competition to win a Mini iPad on her blog in return for recording the moments that mattered in 2013. There are so many little moments that matter enormously when your children are growing up and you smile to yourself at them and then forget them which is a little bit sad. Sometimes I am even telling Gary about our day and I know there was a really special moment or they did or said something really cute and I have to really think to remember it!

Holidays are always top of our list for capturing those moments that matter, especially in photos. Last year we went to Cornwall and Norfolk, two places that I visited as a child but couldn’t remember and I really wanted to go back to aas a family. There were lots of moments that matter on these holidays just spending time together as a family having fun in the fresh air away from work and the day-to-day chores.

We also had a visit to Yorkshire to Brimham Rocks, which I have never taken the boys to and Staithes which was brilliant, as Noah particularly loves Old Jack’s Boat (which is filmed here). I love visiting places in the UK as there is such diverse landscapes and interesting places to go you can make a fantastic break out of it.

A little further afield we also went for our annual trip to see Granny and Grandpa in Italy. It was great to spend time with my mum and dad and we went to lots of lovely places with them and made lots of special memories. We also had our first experience of all inclusive as a family in Egypt.

Aside from holidays, one of the major moments of 2013 was the end of me having company in the day time and Noah starting school. I still can’t believe how easily he has taken to it as he isn’t even 5 until May! I do really miss him now he has to go every day but it is so lovely to see him reading and writing and loving school completely. Fingers crossed that will last!

Noah has been progressing with speech therapy and his speech is gradually improving, It is so lovely when he does slow down and pronounce his sounds as they should be so hopefully some more regular practice will see him becoming clearer in 2014. Ethan has his 2nd lot of grommets put in and was discharged from hospital for that which was amazing. He also had his first night away from us camping away with Beavers. Although I don’t think they got much sleep he had a fantastic time.

To read more about special moments check out the competition on Emma’s blog.

Have a fantastic 2014 and hope we are all back here this time next year reflecting on what a brilliant year it was!

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2 Responses to 2013… My Moments that Mattered…

  1. holidays are a great chance to build memories. time to relax and enjoy yourselves

  2. Granny says:

    It’s lovely to keep in touch with you and the boys and know you are all well and happy. Xxx

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