(null)Watching The Voice on Saturday night I had a feeling of familiarity. No, I had never sung for a potential future mentor or coach (god forbid!) but I was looking for a mentor of a kind.

Doing a PGCE requires a school placement (and subsequently a mentor) and, as the last one finished at Christmas, I along with my fellow student teachers, have been waiting patiently to be allocated one to start in January. Finding a placement for the college however, seems to be a bit of an issue. It was even suggested that I find my own!

Apparently the government are putting pressure on college to take on too many trainee teacher students and then college struggle to find schools that will take on students. I guess this is because teachers are leaving in their droves because of stress, workload and life balance. Or can we blame School Direct, who knows?

Schools have to be at least “Good ” in Ofsted ratings, where the requirements to fulfill this change all the time. Plus I get the feeling that the shadow of the ever present Ofsted makes even the most confident teacher and school quake.

So anyhow I have good news to report this week that I have a new school placement starting next week – yey! So in a way someone has turned their chair around for me!

PS: I know it isn’t really like this but you have to see the funny side ­čÖé


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One Response to I Want You! #teachertraining #pgce #thevoiceuk

  1. Granny says:

    Glad you have somewhere to go, they should be thankful to have someone ike you to mentor and train.

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