Yorkshire wildlife2Last week we visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park for one of their Safari Evenings. The Wildlife Park is located near Doncaster which was around one hour from us (and is actually quite near my mum and dad but they were on holiday!)

We arrived around 4pm, so just as most of the day time visitors were leaving.

I had heard a lot about the Park from other people who had visited. You know how sometimes your expectations can be set quite high if they had a great time. It can be hard to not listen to other people’s opinions though as we all have our own minds to make up.

Anyway overall I have to say the Park was fantastic!

We loved:

Lions: There are lions, who were rescued from a zoo in Romania where they lived in cramped cages and were fed chicken carcasses 🙁 The lions now have a huge, grassy area to roamn and look quite happy in their new habitat.

Giraffes: It is great how close you can get to the animals (I was particularly impressed by the giraffe’s who were inside and you could almost touch them!).

Leopards: We also loved the leopards (one of whom was quite active) and the tigers (who were asleep under a tree and not interested in us at all!).

Walk throughs: There are also “walk throughs” where you enter the animals area. Some of these you can pet the animals ie the wallabies and even feed them. They are really tame and very cute.The squirrel monkeys were really tame but you can’t touch them as they will probably bite! You could watch them all day. The keeper watches over you here to make sure noone does try to get too close to the animals. She said they were a group of eight boys (not related) who got along pretty well.

Baboons: their area is adjoined to a great children’s play area by a glass screen. We sat and watched the baboons whilst out own children behaved like baboons somewhere in the play area. Again these are animals you could watch all day. There were babies hanging off their mother’s who were protecting them from older boisterous baboons who were playing.

The early evening is a time when many animals are quite active, perhaps as there are more insects around for them to eat or just as natually this is the time they would hunt.

We also went into the Lemur enclosure. We had just missed feeding time and they were all high up in the trees so just caught a glimpse of them.


The park has been sympathetically built to create a natural environment for the animals with lots of waterfalls, space and trees. It did seem a little run down even though it hasn’t been open that long, so I hope that they work on its upkeep as it would be a shame for it to get shabby.

At 8pm there was a “bang less” fireworks display. It wasn’t very dark yet but the fireworks still looks amazing, and the atmostphere was great with music and everyone captivated (apart from Noah who was doing a very good impression of a squirrel monkey!).

It was nice to go somewhere different and do something a little out of the ordinary.

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9 Responses to Summer Holiday Fun at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

  1. Kriss MacDonald says:

    Beautiful photos and I loved your comment how the kids played like baboons near the baboon enclosure

    Dropping by from Country Kids

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  3. Yorkshire Wildlife Park looks great and I think you’ve captured the animals well in the photos. It’s also nice to hear how they are rescuing animals from other countries. Thanks for linking up and sharing your animal adventures with Country Kids.

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    Louise this is fantastic!! it looks like you had an amazing time xx

    thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments x

  5. Colette says:

    We visited the Park at the start of the summer and loved it too! It’s such great value for money!

  6. Kim Carberry says:

    Ohh wow!! This looks like fantastic fun!!
    Brilliant photos x

  7. Susan Mann says:

    ooh this looks awesome xx

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  9. Rachel says:

    Looks like a great day out. We are only about thirty minutes from Doncaster and I’ve never heard of this wildlife park. I think I will have to visit here, thanks for sharing 🙂

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