As tradition dictates we dressed up as a book character for the annual World Book Day (which was on 6 March but our school didn’t dress up till 12 March).

E wanted to go as Willy Wonka as this both his favourite book for us to read him at night and his fave film too (the original of course, sorry Johnny Depp).

I thought about scouring 2nd hand shops to find the perfect outfit but changed my mind and bought one from eBay (?mummy fail). I did customise it slightly though with print outs of Wonka chocolate bars and a golden ticket perched in the hat. I also made a cane from an old wrapping paper tube, painted and with stuck on chocolate wrappers topped with a ball of clear tape for the handle. He was delighted with it!

N was going to go as Charlie Bucket but changed his mind several times at the last minute settling on Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean (yes it is a book, I checked!). This was quite easy as we have lots of pirate costume in the house already!

An author who has written several children’s books, Michael Cox came to their school and we bought Little Fred Riding Hood from him, which he signed.

Both boys are currently really getting into reading independently and though they still need a bit of help they are doing really well but most importantly enjoying it!

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2 Responses to World Book Day – Dress Up Day

  1. Granny says:

    They look great and it’s so good they love their books so well. Xxxx

  2. Louise says:

    Oh God Louise, as usual you put me to shame 😉
    They look gorgeous – as usual!

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