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6 Responses to Winter sun: Egypt and the Red Sea #family

  1. […] how much they will love the pool and slides at Center Parcs, especially after our holiday in Egypt. There are stacks of activities that take place in the pool such as mini jet skies, snorkelling and […]

  2. Mums do travel says:

    It sounds lovely. Did you worry about your safety there with everything that’s been going on in Egypt?

    • Louise says:

      Yes to be honest I did before we went but I had been reassured by others who had been recently that it was fine. The Foreign Office advises against travel to anywhere in Egypt apart from Sharm and a few other beach tourist destinations. I wouldn’t have taken any risks especially with children and we stayed mainly at the hotel only venturing across the road to the beach a couple of times although lots of people we spoke to did trips around (none outside of Sharm though) and had lots of fun. It was a big decision and one we didn’t make lightly though. x

  3. 44 slides – our children would love going on every single one! How idyllic and something for all the family, no wonder the boys said it was their best holiday yet, great family time together making happy lasting memories. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Granny says:

    Sounds divine! Glad you had such a good time xxxx

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