We love a Wild Night Out and are thrilled to be involved in the UK’s National Day of Adventure.

Wild Night Out takes place this year on 30 June 2018 and its aim is to encourage friends, families and groups to embrace the great outdoors and have an adventure!

If you are looking for some brilliant tips for camping with children check out this great post from Yorkshire Tots. 

Family Camp!

Our, slightly early, Wild Night Out took place last weekend on a Family Camp with the boys’ Cub and Scout group! We last went camping with this group for Bonfire night so we were pleased when they arranged a Summer camp.

There were almost 80 adults and children there, all in their own tent or caravan (or loaned from the Cub leader). It was all organised by the super team Mark and Suze (who is due her 2nd child in six weeks!). They put on a banquet of curry, rice, and Indian snacks on Friday night, BBQ on Saturday night and bacon and egg rolls for Sunday morning (it was father’s day after all!) as well as hot drinks, cereals, toast, lunches, crisps and biscuits. No one went hungry that’s for sure!

There were crafts to try – we did glass and tshirt painting, You could also paint rocks to hide – here are some great ideas if you need inspiration. We played rounders (mums and sons were victorious over dads and daughters1) and new friendships made around the campfire toasting marshmallows in the evenings.

What did we bring!?

So, all we had to bring was our own kit!

Millets sent us some new sleeping bags to keep us warm and cosy.

We normally take a barrage of duvets and blankets with us so were extra brave on this trip by only taking with us the sleeping bags! A true test as it wasn’t the warmest Summer night!

What we liked…

All the sleeping bags had their own stuff sack for safe keeping.

The Berghaus Transition 200 and 200W sleeping bags were very warm and cosy. They have an efficient, hollow fibre insulated core which seals in valuable warmth.

I liked the way they could be zipped right up to cover your head so no warmth could escape! There were very snug too meaning the heat was sealed in but there was no room for movement once you were zipped!I found this a little restrictive but in the interests of warmth it was totally fine!

The boys were snug as bugs in their bags too and slept really well. Our tent (Berghaus Air 6XL) has a blacked out bedroom which I think really helps in reducing the early morning sun glare.

We all slept on canvas camping beds which are raised off the floor and it keeps the body away from the cold floor which can drain a lot of the heat.


The mummy shape is designed to keep your feet extra warm but I have to say my feet were freezing. It was nothing that a pair of bed socks didn’t cure though and is probably just me!

I did miss a duvet as it is always nice to have an extra layer to pull over you but without it, I was still warm as toast so no complaints from these brilliant bags on that score!

We have another Wild Night Out planned in a few weeks – at Timber festival. Hopefully, we will bump into Otis and Us when we are there!

So what are you going to do for your Wild Night Out? Would love to hear!

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3 Responses to What are you doing for Wild Night Out? @milletsonlinefans @millets_online #wildnightout2018

  1. Thank you for including our rock painting post. It’s awesome isn’t it! 🙂 xx

  2. Granny says:

    That sounds wonderful! When you were young we all went camping in a tent to begin with and then a caravan when we got more money. It’s a great life for young children and indeed all children to enjoy the outdoors and feel free to roam. Scouting is a great adventure too. Well done to you all. I would have loved these snuggly sleeping bags to sleep in. They sound great as does the tent!

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