Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands and lies in the Atlantic Ocean. Although it is part of Spain, geographically it lies closer to Africa and lies on a latitude of the Sahara Desert making it the perfect destination for year round warmth and plenty of sunshine.

We visited Los Cristianos in the south of the island, in April and the weather was pleasantly warm with a welcoming breeze (which was also a little disconcerting as you didn’t quite realise the strength of the sun!).

The boys are total water babes and so it took them no time at all to be diving into the hotel pool and shaking off that airplane fatigue!

Keen for more water action we headed for Siam Park aka The Water Kingdom with the promise of high adrenelin action and family  fun.

The big pull was The Tower of Power with an almost vertical 28 metre drop which then takes you through the transparent tube which is immersed in the shark filled aquarium. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the ride was closed for maintenance. Just looking at it filled me with dread!

The first ride we got to was the Mai Thai River where you grab a tube (or double tube) and sit back and enjoy the view. There is the option to take a detour down a fast bit where you go through the aquarium. When we exited the lazy river  we walked up to the Lost City water play area. This is perfect for younger children (under 10s) to get soaked  and has lots of slides and water fun with deck chairs for adults to relax in.

Things were a bit too slow for  the adrenelin junkie 9 year old and so next stop was Naga Racer where you lie face down, looking forwards on a mat and race your family and friends down the terrain. Epic! We had a brilliant day at Siam Park and would definitely go back. Other highlights included The Giant (my personal fave!), Jungle Snakes (6yo loved these!), The Dragon, The Volcano, Singha and of course The Beach with immense wave machine every hour.

There are height restrictions on most rides, as you would expect, and there are stacks of lifeguards and attendants around to offer help. Picnics aren’t permitted but there are lots of eateries and coffee stops along the way. We  ran out of time so a repeat visit is definitely on the  cards!


Waterpark in the Ocean!

Inflatables out on the big blue sea sounded just up our street so we headed to Las Vistas Beach in Los Cristianos where for 10 euros each we could play in the sea on huge inflatables! I loved the trampolines and swimming in the sea is a fantastic workout! We were all shattered at the end of the day.

Under 14s must wear  a life jacket and be accompanied by an adult. I really wished we had brought the Go-Pro camera as it would have been brilliant to get some photos out on the inflatables and instead had to make do with snaps on the iPhone from the beach but you get the picture!


Whale watching

Tenerife’s waters are famous for the resident Pilot Whales that live in the area attracted by the Giant Squid who live in the deep waters and make the perfect dinner for them. These whales are effectively  on automatic pilot and during the day swim close to the  surface rising every few minutes to take a breath. At night the males dive down for the Giant Squid which they defeat by essentially giving the huge creatures “the bends” by dragging them up quickly to their pod to feast upon. Delightful! It was awesome to see the magnificent creatures in their native habitat and we felt really lucky to have this  opportuntity.



For next time…

  • Puerto Colon is the place to be for water activities along the South coast of Tenerife – snorkelling, scuba diving, whale watching and more as well as beautiful beaches.
  • Volcano Teide and the cable car almost to the summit (we did look to try this but the cable car was always closed due to high winds).
  • La Caleta, a small fishing village with delicious fish restaurants and amazing sunsets.

Have you been to Tenerife? What are your recommendations for family fun?




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