#frOctober is all about wearing a dress every day for a month. It is also  a charity challenge raising money for PNI ORG UK, a charity providing help for women suffering from post natal depression. You can donate here and help to reach the £1000 target.

Wearing a dress or skirt would not have been an issue for me in younger years when I lived in dresses and skirts. My wardrobes were stuffed full of charity shop 60s dresses and thrift shop finds. These have been replaced by jeans, trousers and leggings simply as they are more practical to wear when running around after children.

I was first of all attracted to the idea as i thought it would be an amazing excuse (as if I needed one!) to buy a few more skirts and dresses but I haven’t actually needed to and instead have raided my existing wardrobe and just got a little creative.

I have to say making the effort to wear a skirt or dress has really cheered me up. There have been days when it has been so cold outside I have looked at jeans and thought how cosy they would be. But I have stuck to my guns and put on super thick woolly tights instead. And hey it is a great chance to show off funky tights!

I have really enjoying taking part in #frOctober and am going to definitely make more of an effort with wardrobe ideas in future!

Not always easy to get a full length shot but here are some of the highlights of my #frOctober..


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