At school, Ethan has been looking at toys, and in particular toys that children played with in the past. You know, like the olden days when mummy and daddy were little.

Anyway, today he went to Mansfield Museum to see the toys they have there. I think it must be part of Year 1’s curriculum.

Mansfield Museum is a fantastic place for children and there is loads to do. I love the themed trails they do. They did one where you had to look for pictures of different types of transport hidden around the museum. You had to look very closely to spot them all. It is free to get in and they have plenty to do so definitely worth the trip if you live nearby. They have some great exhibitions and events coming up. I quite like the sound of the one where you can have a go making a pot for 50p with money going towards Comic Relief.

Today though was focused on looking at the vintage toys of which the museum has quite a store and also has a specialist in them. Ethan told me that in the past all the toys were made of wood. He made a model of a vintage toy himself that would have been in wood but comprised of a polystyrene cup, string and screwed up newspaper. You have to try and catch the ball in the cup. He has played with it most of the evening so it is clearly a very good toy!

cup and ball


My dad was brought over a train set that he had played with when he was a boy – so it is actually 60 years old! The boys loved looking at it.



Do you still have any classic toys you played with? My favourite has to be Lego – hours of fun!


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4 Responses to Vintage Toys

  1. My Grandfather used to be a volunteer at Sudbury Hall in the Museum of Childhood – I loved visiting there, we went a lot as children….old toys are fascinating 🙂

  2. granny says:

    Lovely photos and you also loved the dolly that your grandma bought you, remember? the red soft one that stuffing used to come out of the side but I sewed it up many times, you still have it and it has been loved so much over the last 40+ years. I think my favourite was the skipping rope, I loved playing with my friends both at school and at home and I had a spinning top too!!!

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