Cooking outdoors can send panic waves through the most confident of chefs but really it is pretty straightforward to transfer most dishes you make in your own kitchen to cooking alfresco.

Recently we took part in Forest Schools which involved preparing the food and then cooking it on a fire we had built in the forest. It was also rather muddy (and even snowed on one day!) but great fun.

We used Kelly Kettles to boil water for hot chocolate and hot berry juice to keep us warm!

Tortilla calzone Pizzas

Ingredients: soft tortillas, pasta sauce jar, pre packed grated cheese, selection of vegetables/meat for your pizza.

Chop up the pizza ingredients – pepper, mushrooms, onion, salami, ham, pineapple, olives (whatever you like!).

Take a soft tortilla and place into a well oiled hot frying pan on the fire. Brown on one side. Remove from heat and spread over a couple of spoonfuls of the pasta sauce onto the browned side then load your chosen fillings on to the browned side. Don’t overfill!

Place your tortilla back onto the heat with the fillings on top. Fold over the tortilla to make a calzone and keep turning until browned and the ingredients are cooked.

Chilli (or as we like to call it Cowboy Stew)

Ingredients: oil, Quorn mince, mushrooms, onions, peppers, tinned tomatoes, chillis, garlic, cumin (we even added fresh ginger), red kidney beans (or tin of mixed beans).

In a large oiled pan we added Quorn and vegetables then added the herbs and spices then tomotoes and beans. Cook for around 10 minutes or until you think it is ready! Serve with sour cream and rice (also cooked on the fire).

Jacket Potatoes

We cheated here and precooked the potatoes in the microwave. Then wrapped in foil and placed in the hot coals of the fire for around 20 minutes to crisp up the skins and heat the potato through. Smokey!!

Chocolate bananas

Keeping the bananans in their skin slice down the banana lengthways. Stuff with chocolate bananas and place onto grill above fire. Leave for around 15 minutes then remove. The chocolate melts and the bananas are gooey and yummy!

Do I have to even mention toasted marshmallows!?

There is something about eating food outdoors but it seems to taste nicer and cooking on an open fire has that extra smokiness that is just delicious. Plus all the fresh air I think makes you even hungrier!

What do you like to cook outdoors?

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  1. Oh they are good ideas! We’ve just bought a huge tent so I’m sure we’ll give them a go soon x

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