ugglys-pet-shop-dirty-dog-wash-van-7I don’t know if it is a boy thing (and I am sure there are plenty of girls who can prove me wrong here!) but the more disgusting something is, the more they seem to love it. And jokes to do with bodily functions, well yes, you get the idea!

We were sent the fab Ugglys Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van to review. Here is a taste of what we got up to….

Yes it makes lots of noises that the kids found to be hilarious!

As you can see the noises start as soon as you “drive” the van along. The pets can then “hop” on and get weighed, bathed and use the toilet – accompanied by all the delightful sounds you would expect!

Suitable for children aged 5 and over, we found this toy to be of good quality. It retails at £19.99 which at first glance sounds quite a lot but it is something different and good fun.

As well as this toy you can buy the pet figures to collect which cost £2.99 for two. There are also a selection of other toys available in the range.


If you have a child who loves things that are crude, rude, and altogether disgusting this is the one for you!

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