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Children love the outdoors and our boys are certainly no exception! Whatever the weather they love to be letting off steam in the fresh air. Now Spring has arrived I anticipate they will be spending a large amount of their waking hours outside, enjoying the warmer, and hopefully drier, weather.

The health benefits of being outside getting plenty of exercise are plentiful. increased fitness levels, improved distance vision, plentiful amounts of Vitamin D from the sun, lower stress levels are just a few ways you can feel better from playing outside. With children, being outside it is particularly important to have a safe environment for them to play.

Children obviously need to be closely supervised when playing outside, particularly youngsters who should never be left alone outside. I am a big believer in children taking independent risks, to some degree but this should be carefully monitored depending upon their age and development.

If you are fortunate enough to have a garden or outdoor space to play in here are some handy of our tips for helping to keep your children safe outside:

  • When planning your garden, divide up the environment to include areas for sand play, water play, physical activity eg trampoline, climbing equipment and a nature area for planting seeds. Our boys love to just dig so we have an area where they can do that!
  • Make sure the sand area has a cover to keep out pets and keep the sand clean.
  • Ensure the garden has as low maintenance as possible upkeep. A straight forward lawn is as easy as it can get!
  • Choose sturdy plants that will withstand rough play, and obviously nothing prickly or poisonous.
  • Keep gates locked as well as storage sheds, barns, garages etc.
  • Play equipment should be regularly inspected and any faults fixed immediately. Trampoline nets often need replacing every couple of years as they can get holes with weather damage.
  • Although the nights are now much lighter for later it is vital the outdoor space is well lit to avoid any accidents happening in dimly lit areas. John Lewis have some great outdoor lighting ideas to choose from.
  • Keep any garden tools and treatments in a locked shed well out of reach of little fingers!
  • Be mindful of any stairs in your garden as children can easily tumble down and remember that decking can be very slippy when wet.
  • Have fun!

Do you have any useful tips on keeping you child’s outdoor space safe this summer? Would love to hear!!

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