Noah and I found ourselves hanging out with not much to do in Friday afternoon, that “post lunch-pre school run” time.

So we had a go at one of the set4sport games designed by Judy Murray, called “Tidy up the room”. For more details click here to see the fun we had on the day…

Set out cushions in a circle and place a toy on each…┬áPut a box in the centre (we used the toy shopping trolley).

The aim of the game is to time how long it takes to pick up all the toys and place them in the basket.

Once it was all set up I started the timer… First go it took Noah 20.5 seconds to pick up all the toys! I’m sure he can beat that!

Then we timed him to see how long it took to put them back on the cushions… this took 18 seconds! Yey!!

Being only 3 he soon lost interest and wheeled his shopping trolley off …

This weekend when his older brother is about we will play it again and I’m sure the competitive spirit will be released!

Thanks again to set4sport for some inspiring games ideas to play with children equipping them with the necessary skills to get the most out of sports and give parents to change to have fun with their kids.

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  1. Susan Mann says:

    What a great idea x

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