Today we went swimming at edgewood. We had the pool virtually to ourselves which was very nice. Noah was amazingly strong swimming vertically with me just holding him under his tummy for support (with armbands on) and Ethan was swimming about with his surf board and doing some really good kicking. It was great to watch them and I know these moments are so precious as time will go so fast and before we know it they will be at school and we wont have this again. Cripes I sound like my mum!

I do feel like in one way life is whizzing past and I am missing out on some sort of opportunity or path that I should be taking in a career way and at the same time I amd so glad to have this chance to spend with the boys as they grow up so fast. Don’t get me wrong they frustrate me as well and I think I should give myself some more time but simultaneously I don’t want to miss a minute of them growing up..

Looking at doula courses and it is making me feel broody – argh! That was not the desired effect.

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