Action shots are tricky to capture as usually with my two they are off doing the next thing before I have got my phone or camera out ready to snap. This picture was taken on a sunny (dry!!) day at Wheelgate Park where they have lots of great play areas and open space for children to run wild.

I love the way  captures his face and the fun he is having.

The Gallery linky has been suspended this week unfortunately but you can see other entrant’s Action shots by searching on  #TheGallery hashtag on Twitter.

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10 Responses to The Gallery – Week 99 – Action

  1. Susan Mann (@susankmann) says:

    What a great shot. Such strong arms. x

  2. louisejedwards says:

    Thanks! Xz

  3. louisejedwards says:

    Thanks! Yes he was loving it 🙂

  4. that looks great, then I clicked on the map and realized its not too far… we’ve visited White post farm a couple of times….. thanks for tip off!

    • louisejedwards says:

      It’s a bit of a rival to wpf but different – more like an Alton towers for under 10s – they have lots of character visits eg peppa etc. it’s lovely on a sunny day n take ur own picnic (their food isnt great)! You can’t live far from us 🙂 X

  5. Jenny paulin says:

    This is a FAB action photo! Looks like a lot of fun too x

  6. Thats a cracking shot! looks like he is having a fabulous time

  7. LauraCYMFT says:

    Great action shot! Looks like a lovely sunny day wherever you are…please send some my way!

    • louisejedwards says:

      Thank you! It was taken back in April when we had that lovely sunny spell before the Easter holidays. Could do with it again eh! x

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