At the weekend we met up with the cousins and had a fabulous time.

So this was my view when I learnt the theme for this week’s Gallery.


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7 Responses to The Gallery: My View Right Now

  1. mama elsie says:

    Looks like great summer fun. Cousins are the best!

  2. What a nice view full of happy faces! I have a feeling that I will be seeing a lot of this too as summer vacation will begin soon and we can go to the playground every day =) #TheGallery

  3. susankmann says:

    Aww looks like they having a great time x

  4. How lovely that the cousins look like they are similar in age! It looks like they all had fun x

  5. ninjacat says:

    OOH what fun , there is nothing better than getting out in the sunshine !

  6. What a lovely, happy view! My kids have an 18 month old cousin who lives round the corner and they are just learning how brilliant it is to have a cousin – she’s like the baby sister they’ll never have!

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