The boys love a challenge. They also love being outdoors. And getting wet. So car washing is the perfect way for them to have fun, keep busy and for me to tick another job off on the to do list (and save money on going to the car wash).

turtle wax car wash

Turtle wax are synonymous with quality car cleaning products. Did you know they had such an extensive range!? It isn’t just wax they sell!

There are products for exterior, interior and speciality areas such as tyres, glass, headlights and dashboard to name just a few.

The boys were set to work firstly washing the car and tyres, then the rinse, wax and finally the windows.
With a car each here is how they got along with the outide…..

It smelt so fresh and clean when they had finished and dried to a smear free shine.

They did a great job and hopefully this will become a regular chore to earn pocket money – fingers crossed they continue to enjoy it!

They still have the inside to do but with such great products I am sure it won’t take them long! 

You can buy the products at Halfords.

Do you wash your car yourself? Would love to hear any tips!

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