In the interests of wearing the children out we have been having lots of outdoor fun!

This includes the Skytrail at Holme Pierrepont Country Park, which was great fun. We had a fabulous time at Go Ape and though this is slightly different it is still fabulous and you get a similar adrenalin rush when you are back on terra firma!



Now Noah has just started riding his bike without stabilisers so he was keen to go on a bike ride so we took the boy’s bikes to our favourite forest, Sherwood Pines, They coerced me into hiring a bike and we decided to do the “Family Trail” (specificed as Easy). We have done this before when they were younger and in a buggy which my bike pulled. This was however the first time for them and definitely the longest bike ride either had ever done. Noah did amazingly well. His little bike doesn’t have gears so the hills were a struggle but he had a brilliant time. I even managed to get a few snaps of them enjoying themselves.


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2 Responses to Half term highs! #weloveforests #countrykids

  1. Susan Mann says:

    Looks awesome. Looks like the boys had a lot of fun xx

  2. Granny says:

    Well done boys! Had you eaten your shredded wheat! Xxx

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