Children these days are stacks more tech savvy than we ever were with our ZX Spectrums, Simple Simon and VHS being the height of technological capabilities back in the late 1970s and early 1980s!

Noah at 4 years of age starting school in September. He had his parents evening last week and written in one of his books (by the teacher) it said he had difficulties with using the “drag and drop” with a mouse. It made me smile to myself as he plays the games on the Cbeebies website and it is actually quite hard for little ones to hold with one finger and drag at the same time. I always help on these games which probably defeats the object of itt!

Anyway, I think this probably also points to the fact that children increasingly use iPads or tablet computers where dragging and dropping is a more intuitive process. In the future I imagine laptops in schools will be phased out in favour of a tablet. In fact this probably does happen in more affluent or forward thinking schools! As an aside, I just googled “tablets in schools” and found this rather interesting and very pertinent piece on BBC news suggest tablets may replace teachers. Haha – that would definitely be interesting!

LeapFrog UK, the leader in children’s educational entertainment, recently commissioned a survey of 2000 parents with children aged between 4 and 8. Their findings revealed some interesting data!

I don’t think it would be a surprise to anyone that 60% of adults let children play on their own adult device (I’m kind of surprised the number is so low!) but what is quite shocking is that 13% also admit the child knows their password so is able to access and download more content at the bill payers expense!

We are definitely guilty of letting the kids play on our own phones and devices but downloading new apps or further features is strictly monitored! I can’t imagine what the bills would be like, especially as so many excellent free apps have costly extra downloads to help you get through levels or access more enhanced gameplay.

The Leappad Ultra sounds like a great way to meet a child’s technological and educational needs but reducing the risks of racking up huge bills or indeed any damage to expensive adult equipment. The Wifi connected tablet includes more than 500 apps, educational games and books, video, music and more and retails for around £100.

What do you think?

Do you let your children loose on your own tech? Or do they have their own tablet? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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One Response to How “techy” are your children?!

  1. Granny says:

    I have to ask your two to sort out the weeee thing in Italy, I have no idea how it works and loose the will to live trying to sort it. I am always surprised at how tetchy they are!

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