Superworm is the latest Julia Donaldson book to grace the fabulous Forestry commission woodlands. This was a new book to me,  but Noah has been doing lots of work with it at school so it is already a firm favourite of his.

Superworm, in case you don’t know the story, tells the tale of a superhero worm who rescues his friends from trouble as any superhero would. That is until he is caught by his nemesis, an evil crow and wicked lizard, and his pals work out a way to rescue him!

The trail is much longer than some of the other JD book trails such as The Gruffalo that have featured in the forest recently. This makes a refreshing change and it is a lovely walk.

If you know Sherwood Pines, the trail starts near the cafe, goes along the edge of the field past the spider web climbing frame and right around the edge of the Robin Hood’s play area before heading back up to the cafe. It took us a good 30 minutes with not much hanging around as it was pretty chilly!

Like the other trails it follows the tale of Superworm’s adventures with activities for kids to do on the notice boards en route.

The Superworm trail is at Sherwood Pines and other Forestry Commission sites until October. To find your nearest check out the website. There is also an activity pack which can be purchased for £3.50. This includes a leaflet which has the same information as that on the boards along the trail, a mini copy of the excellent book and your own superworm – a piece of string for you to create your own inventions!

Fantastic free, educational fun as well as a great outdoor activity for all the family.


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