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Wibbly wobbly jelly is always a hit in our house so we were chuffed to be sent a Chill Factory Jelly Maker to try and review.

I guess the main downside to jelly is the organisation that is required in making it as it needs time in the fridge to set before you can tuck into the yummy stuff.

Well, fear not this issue is now resolved with the Jelly Maker which sets jelly in a matter of minutes!

So, how does it work?

  • Firstly you freeze the base of the jelly maker. This, in our experience, takes at least 24 hours (so some planning and preparation is needed!).
  • You then mix up the jelly sachet or cubes. You use half of the water that is actually needed unless you are using a quick set jelly. So in fact this means you only really make half of the jelly you would in the conventional method. 
  • You then tip the mixture into the frozen base, put the lid on (removing the centre disc) and squeeze, squeeze squeeze? This is the really fun part and we enjoyed doing this. 


  • After around five minutes of squeezing you can see that the jelly is actually start set (as if by magic!)
  • Just tip into the bowl provided (remember to put the centre disc back in place!) and wait one minute for it to completely set. Then tuck in to your yummy treat!
  • Don’t forget to refreeze your jelly maker for use next time!

This product is fun and frivolous and a must for any jelly fan!

It is suitable from age 5+ and retails at £12.99.


Disclosure: We were sent this product to review but all opinions are unbiased and our own. 









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One Response to Super speedy jelly – no waiting to set involved! (a review)

  1. Granny says:

    Yummy yummy yummy I’ve got jelly in my tummy xxxxx

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