The boys, particularly the youngest one, would eat Spaghetti Bolognese every day if given the option. In fact, when we visited Egypt, this is just what he did! They really can’t get enough of pasta – check out when we made our own pasta in Italy!

Dolmio challenged us to create a simple good for you meal using  a jar of Dolmio Bolognese sauce which contains no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.

Dolmio Bolognese Original sauce is 100% natural. In each jar, you’ll find at least 10 juicy diced tomatoes, a dollop of tomato puree, half an onion, a tablespoon of sunflower oil, a couple of cloves of garlic, a handful of herbs including basil, a teaspoon of cornflour, a teaspoon of salt, a pinch of pepper, two teaspoons of added beet sugar for taste, a squeeze of lemon juice, a splash of water and nothing more. In fact, a jar provides a family of four with one of their 5-a-day each and that’s before you add any further veg to the meal!

Spagetti Bolognese is a regular on our weekly menu as it is something I know is guaranteed to be eaten and enjoyed easily. To mix things up I had a go at making a Chicken Bolognese as this is something the boys have never tried though I knew they would love. It is really easy to hide some extra veggies in there too – adding in the vitamins and goodness!

Firstly I diced up chicken breast and put into a hot pan.

Whilst the chicken was browning I prepared the vegetables – peppers, onion, courgette, aubergine, carrots, mushrooms and whizzed them in the magimix so they were small but still chunky.

Once the chicken was browned I added the vegetables and the Dolmio Sauce and left to simmer for 15 minutes.

Serve with hot spaghetti, parmesan cheese and garlic bread!

Mamma Mia – divine! Yet so simple, quick and easy to prepare.

There is so much you can do with a jar of Dolmio to whip up a tasty meal. Here are some other ideas of things we have made..

  • Bulk cook bolognese sauce and freeze to use as jacket potato filling, with sliced fried potatoes or with pasta for bolognese or lasagne.
  • Spiralise courgette to make courgetti and use this instead of regular pasta to add even more nutrients to your meal.
  • Use Dolmio sauce on a pizza base spread out with cheese and add vegetables and meal before cooking.
  • Simple but scrumptious – add Dolmio to cooked gnocchi with a sprinkle of cheese on top.

Would love to hear how you would use Dolmio to make a delicious midweek meal for you and your family..

This post is an entry for the #Dolmio #ThankGoodness Challenge, sponsored by Dolmio

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