Have you heard of the Snackeez? It is a drinks container and snack tray combined into one – perfect for travel and days out!


The upper area of the container hold a snack – we put kiwi in ours – for munching on! This section can be removed to add in your drink. Once your drinks container has been filled you just put back into place the snack container and the straw goes right through so you can drink through the straw and nibble on your treats. There is a lid for the snacks so they can be covered to keep it fresh and avoid spilling when on the move.

What we liked about the Snackeez..

We found the Snackeez to be made from good quality, durable plastic. I wouldn’t put it in a dishwasher or try it out with a hot drink or snack as, with it being plastic, Im not sure that it would tolerate heat that well. We did not have any spillages or leakage , which is good as the boys can be pretty messy!

The brightly coloured container was fun and attractive. There are character ones coming out in the Autumn featuring Star Wars and Frozen which I think would be very popular!

What we think could be improved upon..

The cup is quite large and bulky considering the actual amount you do seem to be able to fit into it. This wasn’t a huge problem but if you had a couple of them and were carrying them around for large periods of time they may get awkward. Perhaps a carrier holder would be useful to make this easier.

Priced at £9.99 and suitable for children aged 4+ (and adults too!) I can see the appeal of this product. It is on the pricey side for a drinks container but the snack is very useful particularly for long car journeys or maybe taking along to the cinema with a large bag of popcorn to fill up the snack container!

What do you think to this product? Is it something you would find handy for your children when out and about.

What would you put in your Snackeez? I would go for a selection of nuts and my current favourite drink combo – fresh cranberry juice mixed with fresh orange juice. Perfect for on the go refreshment!

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  1. Looks like something the kids would love

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