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10 Responses to Silent Sunday 27/10/13

  1. Granny says:

    Back from holiday and already back to messy play. Hope you had a great time xxxx

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    Getting messy!! Fab!

  3. Jollyjillys says:

    Looks like lots of sticky fun lol

  4. Messy play fun!! #silentsunday

  5. He looks happy with the results.

  6. Pinkoddy says:

    Was that fake blood on his hand for Halloween?

    • Louise says:

      It is jam type stuff to eat on pancakes. It did look like fake blood though so we thought it was quite appropriate for halloween. x

  7. Jaime Oliver says:

    Looks like he was having fun Louise 🙂 xx

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