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14 Responses to Silent Sunday 05/01/14

  1. JallieDaddy says:

    Beautiful photo – really atmospheric 🙂

  2. Love seeing the unusual and getting a pic.
    Well done you on this one

  3. Tory knowles says:

    Let it be a sea monster, much better! Great pic.

  4. Great picture – that is either a tree or a sea monster; I’m going with the latter!

  5. Kim Carberry says:

    Ohh what is that?

  6. Salma says:

    Looks eerie.
    Happy 2014!

  7. What’s floating? it looks like a tree!

  8. Jaime Oliver says:

    wow was that a tree floating by Louise?

    • Louise says:

      Yes J – looks like a tree was uprooted and pulled into the sea then washed up in the high tide! x

  9. Granny says:

    Looks a bit bleak Louise! Quite calming though, hope you have wellies and a warm coat with you. It’s not bikini weather is it?

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