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I am not a massive fan of driving abroad. In fact, I would rather not drive on holiday at all as I feel like I do enough of it the rest of the year! However, needs must and I have driven abroad on a number of occasions..

  • through New Zealand and Australia (nice and easy they drive on the left like we do!). There was fantastic scenery and wildlife to admire too. 
  • when visiting Disney and Universal Parks in Orlando. The cars are huge but so are the roads.
  • in Italy. I spent two weeks driving with family from Rome to the Campania mountains and back again. It is really beautiful scenery and generally a very enjoyable experience but there were times when I really did need nerves of steel.

Anyway, I’m running this competition as a member of the Family Blogger Network. You could be in with a chance of winning a £25 voucher, thanks to  Sainsbury’s Bank Car Insurance. Did you know their Premier Cover offers 90 days European cover which is very useful if you are taking your car overseas this Summer?!

All you have to do it login to Rafflecopter below and enter the draw by leaving a blog post comment with your ideas for favourite driving holiday destination?

You can also enter by tweeting about the giveaway. The more times you enter, the better your chance of winning the £25 Sainsbury’s voucher! Whether or not you’re our prize winner, your favourite driving holiday destination ideas could also potentially appear in a future Money Matters Blog post.

The winners will be chosen via Rafflecopter (which uses random.org) and announced on this page.The deadline for entering the giveaway is Wednesday 5th June.

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Good Luck!

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162 Responses to Share your favorite place abroad to drive in and WIN a £25 Sainsburys Voucher

  1. Diane Wood says:

    I’m not very good at driving in unfamiliar places so New Zealand or Australia sound the best bet as they drive on the same side – handy that I’ve always wanted to go there too 😉

  2. Stacey guilliatt says:

    Scotland, the highlands are beautiful!

  3. In the UK it would the coastal road in Dorset to Lyme Regis, spectacular views.

  4. Diana Webb says:


  5. Linda Hobbis says:

    The Loire Valley in France — wide, peaceful roads and gorgeous scenery.

  6. vicky vincent says:

    Canadian Rockies

  7. sarah louise gray says:

    Belfast, and northern ireland. x

  8. We loved driving round southern spain x

  9. Kirsty Fox says:


  10. Stephen Catt says:

    Apart from this country I’ve only ever driven in France. The toll roads are very quiet – makes a nice change from the congestion we experience in this country

  11. debbie skinner says:

    MMMMMmm blackpool xx

  12. Becky Downey says:


  13. Me again says:

    For me it has to be the beautiful Amalfi Coast , on the west coast of Italy. . Stunningly beautiful. .

  14. Wendy Guy says:

    I love driving in Dubai

  15. S Furniss says:

    The French Pyrenees

  16. victoria thurgood says:


  17. Chris Reid says:

    Ireland the scenery is stunning

  18. Michelle Louise Weston says:

    I would love to drive Route 66 but that is just a dream! Somewhere i can drive round a love is cornwall :0)

  19. Hayley Louise Colburn says:

    I would love to go driving anywhere in America, I see the road trips on the tv and it looks so fun

  20. Nikki Hayes says:

    I loved driving in The Netherlands, lovely and flat ;o)


    Paris – Stunning!

  22. Eleanor Jones says:


  23. alisha barrett says:


  24. laura avery says:

    south of france!

  25. Hayley Todd says:

    My favourite is Snowdonia – driving through the Welsh countryside is simply breath-taking x

  26. michelle renwick says:

    florida keys is lush 🙂

  27. Janet Taylor says:

    USA it’s so spectacular!!

  28. Kate Sabin-Burns says:

    Snowdonia – just beautiful!

  29. z.g says:

    the lake district!

  30. libby hughes says:

    We drive to France every year and i love it!

  31. Darren Clark says:

    Austria; amazing cities, lakes and mountains, what more could you ask for.

  32. Gillian Holmes says:


  33. emma furniss says:

    Tasmania – beautiful scenery

  34. Karen Painter says:

    Rome – fabulous mix of historic buildings and modern shopping and no-one makes Italian food like the Italians!

  35. EMMA WALTERS says:


  36. jessica agyin says:

    i love driving down to cornwall or broadstairs

  37. Maria Barton says:


  38. donna large says:


  39. claire little says:

    alton towers

  40. raj sandhu says:


  41. Jen Smith says:

    West and north coasts of Scotland.

  42. Joanne Benham says:

    Cornwall going the scenic route, Porlock Hill! (fun!) then through Lynton and Lynmouth down to Bude x

  43. Emily C-D says:


  44. Natalie White says:

    I love driving in France 🙂

  45. Rachael Donovan says:

    Fowey in cornwall

  46. Lorraine says:

    Ireland – the ring of Kerry is something special 🙂

  47. julie baxter says:

    i would love to go on a driving holiday in france 🙂

  48. Lynda Pace-Avery says:

    Driving along the coast in Greece in an open top car sunshine and my favourite albums playing, bliss.

  49. lisa tebbutt says:

    las vegas to la

  50. sarah brooker says:

    from the North of France to the south.

  51. Kerry Kilmister says:

    Crete – it’s where my dads ashes are scattered.

  52. Janine Atkin says:


  53. hannah massingham says:

    California – LA to san Francisco is beautiful!

  54. Emma Ellison says:

    South of France

  55. Judith Luscombe says:

    France, across on the Roscoff Ferry, down through Brittany, then the Vendee and down to the sun

  56. antonia j richardson says:

    route 66

  57. Michael Bull says:


  58. Colin Gault says:

    Route 66 🙂

  59. Linda Hill says:

    Driving a jeep round the coast road of Tobago in 1988. The roads were extremely rough and potholed but at least they drive on the same side of the road as we do – although we met very few vehicles. We came across lots of hidden coves which were perfect – white sand, turquoise water and fringed with palm trees. We returned to Tobago in 2012 The roads were much improved but there was a lot more traffic!

  60. Ian says:

    Ireland!! a lovely place to take a drive and a picnic with my £25 Sainsbury’s voucher win! 🙂

  61. gwyn says:

    I’d l ove to tour Italy or USA

  62. Catherine M says:

    I had a great driving experience in Sydney – took one wrong turn and ended up on the Harbour Bridge. I’d vowed never to drive over it but actually it was something I’d highly recommend!

  63. Vic says:

    Anywhere in Greece

  64. Barry says:

    The only place I have driven abroad is Jersey, so I suppose it is…Jersey

  65. Naomi Buchan says:

    Going the country route between Edinburgh and Leeds when visiting my family x

  66. Kirsty Harrington says:

    South of France, it’s stunning xXx

  67. Glen says:

    Lake District

  68. olivia kirby says:

    North Yorkshire

  69. kerry lynn says:

    Scotland – love the rugged landscape and the beautiful sea off the west coast, just gorgeous!

  70. Louise Bennett says:

    The lake district is gorgeous and, being a native, I know places the usual tourists don’t!

  71. Amanda Milton says:

    I have never been abroad,but I love the scenery in Norfolk 🙂

  72. tina edwards says:


  73. Sarah Cooper says:


  74. Linda says:

    I’ve never been abroad but driving around America would be a good choice for me. My own county of Norfolk is great though we’ve got it all here beaches, pretty towns and breathtaking views out in the countryside.

  75. Samantha R says:

    Switzerland is beautiful

  76. Becci Cleary says:

    London – The atmosphere is amazing!!
    Would Love to drive in Florida or LA….or anywhere in America Really 🙂 x

  77. Molly says:

    Sanna Bay in Scotland, it’s a long drive but it’s absolutely beautiful!

  78. Stephen Dittrich says:

    Austria, a beautiful place to be and to drive and very friendly and safe too! If you’re not a driving abroad entusiast though (which I am), try Australia, as they drive on the left like us!

  79. Rebecca nisbet says:

    I enjoy driving around Wales, we go to a town called Tywyn and there are little waterfalls everywhere such a beautiful untouched place

  80. Danielle Graves says:

    We’ve never actually been abroad but I reckon driving through America would be pretty cool.

  81. elizabeth ferguson says:

    The road leading up to Glencoe in Scotland. The scenery is wild & beautiful.

  82. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    The Lake District

  83. alice lightning says:

    along any coastline with the sun sparkling off the water beautiful

  84. caroline pawson says:


  85. esther james says:

    switzerland, its so pretty

  86. Vicky 11 says:

    The Amalfie coast, Italy

  87. laura jane says:

    devon is beautiful 🙂

  88. Ian Yates says:

    Southern Ireland

  89. Greg Jardine says:

    The East Swedish coastline and over to the island of Oland

  90. Julie Fisher says:

    On honeymoon we drove around Florence and Senna, it was beautiful.

  91. mrs sharron page says:


  92. Ann Skamarauskas says:

    The Lake District

  93. Laura Caraher says:

    Great Ocean Road, Australia the 300km designed route takes you past so many gorgeous views 🙂

  94. Buttermere the best place on earth,

  95. Gill Thurgoodq says:

    Iceland – so little traffic and such magnificent scenery. Iceland is similar to New Zealand but so much closer!!

  96. Emma Thackery says:


  97. Rebecca says:

    My parents house on the south coast

  98. Lucy Mayer says:

    Cairns… although it helps that I was living in Australia at the time! 🙂

  99. Loma Wood says:


  100. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Cumbria always

  101. Rhiannon Alwen says:


  102. Victoria N says:

    California, down the Pacific Coast Highway

  103. Alix Smith says:


  104. suzanne says:

    Los Angeles

  105. sarah davison says:

    I have never driven abroad but I would love to go to canada

  106. Kim Neville says:

    The lake district

  107. hannah massingham says:

    California! Drove the pacific coast highway last year, LA to San Fran. Breathtaking!

  108. laura stewart says:

    the lake district

  109. Sandra Bald says:

    Norway is a great place to drive, the roads are fairly empty (compared to the UK:) ) & the scenery is breathtaking

  110. Donna Lawton says:

    We love driving through Cornwall x

  111. Sandra Lane says:

    East Anglia. It’s completely flat and is wonderful to drive through as the scenery is so pretty.

  112. Helen Porter says:

    Devon x

  113. jessica cook says:

    la xx

  114. elaine stokes says:

    big sur california highway 1

  115. Andrea Johnson says:

    Australia! They drive on the same side of the road as us lol

  116. Jayne T says:


  117. Pauline Wilson says:

    Would love to drive through Wales

  118. Eileen Teo says:

    hate driving as drive daily. i will prefer on a formula 1 track

  119. Emma Gallagher says:

    St Andrews in Scotland, its just a beautiful town and the coastline is stunning.

  120. leigh says:

    definitely Germany, although Austria is beautiful to drive across too 🙂

  121. greig spencer says:


  122. Katie Matthews says:

    New zealand 🙂 xx

  123. Keith says:

    The New Forest

  124. mands manc (@mandsmanc) says:

    I love driving through the mountains to get to the south of france

  125. Tim Graham says:

    route 66 in a muscle car 🙂

  126. jack says:

    Great competition! we have posted this onto our freebies and competition website so you will hopefully get some more views!

    Good luck with the raffle

  127. Chris says:

    Have had two fly drive holidays, USA and Canada. Both superb. Would be even better on the motorbike though.

  128. melanie stirling says:

    The Highlands of Scotland

  129. Simon Grundy says:


  130. Tiff Jordan says:

    France, with its avenues of shady trees and wide fields of sunflowers… Heaven

  131. Rachael says:

    New Zealand!

  132. maggie fawcett says:

    Try the roads on AscensionIsland-nice and quiet but watch out for the Donkeys!

  133. Di Coke says:

    I hate driving on the right! So my favourite place would probably be New Zealand. Although when I got home from there, I got a speeding ticket from when I was in Queenstown. Gah!

  134. Hele R says:


  135. Pam Gregory says:


  136. Kevin Honey says:

    The Pacific Highway from LA to San Franciscon. Preferably on a Harley!

  137. Pauline Simpson says:

    Drive up the the Lake District in Autumn the colours are gorgeous

  138. Giselle Moore says:

    French Alps – gorgeous!

  139. Jo welsh says:

    Canada, it was beautiful

  140. ashleigh says:

    The UK!

  141. alison johnson says:

    Cornwall, everywhere is so lovely even driving is a pleasure x

  142. tamalyn roberts says:

    ireland, would be fab to visit all the amazing places

  143. clair downham says:

    scotland as it is so beautiful

  144. Rishona Taylor says:

    The lake District!

  145. Hazel Rea says:

    Scotland – the scenery is breath-taking.

  146. Lynn Savage says:

    I love driving the length of the kings highway from amman to aqaba in jordan. The scenery is fabulous, lots of interesting things to stop and see on the way and not too many other cars as they’re all on the new highway with the lorries.

  147. Mary Heatley says:

    The Irish countryside is beautiful, even in the pouring rain.

  148. Sara Davis says:


  149. Penny C says:

    L.A. – Vegas

  150. Harriet Westcott says:

    Cannes, France

  151. joanne liddement says:

    Isle of Wight…..small enough not to get lost and some very scenic roads

  152. laura banks says:

    it would have to be route 66

  153. Helen Moulden says:

    Italy! Though the driving is sometimes a little stressful. The beauty of the country makes up for it though!

  154. Louise says:

    Florida, especially Orlando area – huge roads, well signed and some extraordinary ordinary buildings (thanks Disney – we love Ready Creek Fire Station).

  155. Joanne Darnell says:

    paris in the spring time

  156. anna says:

    I would like to go on a driving holiday in france or ireland, as its nearby

  157. granny says:

    sounds good, I could do with that voucher xxx

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