If you are going to London with children the Science Museum has to be the ultimate place to visit. It is free (though contributions are appreciated) and there are about a zillion things to do there no matter the age or interests of your children.

The basement is brilliant for Under 6’s – we visited four years ago when Noah only a year old and he had a brilliant time in the water play. Here are some photos from then – so cute!

A return visit has been planned for a while and we made it in February – hurrah! Noah still loved the basement but Ethan was too big so he joined one of the workshops to make a robot that could draw!



We also paid a trip to a couple of the excellent films that run at the Science museum. After seeing their live show you know the quality of the films till be of a high standard and they didn’t disappoint.

Firstly we went to see Mysteries of the Unseen World which is a 3D film in the IMAX cinema. This film takes your breath away slowing down, speeding up and enlarging every day things that the human eye and brain cannot process under normal circumstances. Produced by The National Geographic this amazing film is something that will stay with you for some time. The boys loved it!

Next we watched Legends of Apollo which gives you an idea of what a moon landing feels like to experience. An essential for space fans and would be astronauts!

There are stacks of fun activities and events at the Science Museum planned for the Easter holidays – we can’t wait to go back!

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  1. We recently visited the Science Museum for the first time, so much to see and do

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