Running last week in Sherwood Forest was the brilliant Robin Hood Festival. We last visited three years ago so we were well overdue a visit.

In this time it has gone from strength to strength and all of the entertainment and provision was even better organised and available.

We started our day at the Major Oak watching the “skirmishing” between Robin and his band against the Sheriff and his men. It was hilarious – pure panto – and the kids loved it.

We then sat and had our picnic whilst the kids watched the enterainment and had a go on the stalls where they could try archery and things like that.

We then walked back to the visitors centre and checked out all the other medieval things going on along the route.

There is always time for a quick sword fight!

Back at the visitors centre there was even more going on. We really wanted to have a go at making a pot on a potter’s wheel but didn’t have time as we also really wanted to watch the Outdoor theatre.

The Outdoor theatre was brilliant and so well done. The children in the audience took the part of the actors and under the instructions from the brilliant man in charge they told the tale of how Friar Tuck came to join Robin’s troop and also the story of what happened for the Sheriff of Nottingham to hate Robin and his men so much including a love triangle between Will Scarlett, Maid Marion and the Sheriff himself! It was awesome – especially because my eldest son played Will and his BFF played the Sheriff!

We didn’t even catch the bird of prey demonstration or the jousting and we had a brilliant action packed day.

Did you go? Would love to hear what you thought?

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3 Responses to Robin Hood Festival 2016 @nottscc @homeofrobinhood #robinhood #lovenotts

  1. Louise says:

    My boys would love this. I’ll have to make a note and look out for it for trips away next year x

  2. Emma says:

    That looks fantastic, what a great day!

  3. Granny says:

    just reading a book about Robin Hood. This sounds such fun !

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