I was thrilled to hear I had been chosen as one of the Worlds Apart toy reviewers for my blog post on Outdoor Fun and even more thrilled when our Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend arrived in the post for Noah, my delightful 2 year old to try out! As soon as he saw the box he was captivated with him!



Noah has never really had a favourite cuddly toy, although he does like a teddy every now and again. He is of course familiar with Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and friends from Disney but he was mesmerised by this “real life” talking one!!  Here is the lowdown on how he got along with his new friend!


  • Cuddly fun toy, recognisable Pooh Bear!
  • Pooh has a full vocabulary of common phrases which Noah soon got used to.
  • You set the times for his routine ie getting up, eating, bedtime etc.. to coordinate with that of your child and Pooh talks accordingly!
  • If you want him to speak any more you just have to squeeze his paw and he will speak whatever is set up for his routine. In between these times he plays!
  • Helps children to get used to their routine and prompts them into falling in with it.


  • Takes a bit of time to set up the time and timings of the routine (best to do before child has seen Pooh otherwise makes it pretty impossible!).
  • If your routine timings changes slightly one day ie you want them to go to bed earlier, then it is a bit of a faff to amend Pooh!

Pooh is a really lovely toy and an excellent choice for a small child of this age. We received ours just as Noah was going into a proper bed and he always has to have Pooh in there with him. Pooh works really well at bedtime and I think it has helped him adjust to the changes.

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