We love nature, particularly the great outdoors and the woodlands creatures who live there. So when we were sent The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game to review we were delighted! The game arrives in a tree shaped box. It looks like a fun game that children will instantly be drawn to.

The forest themed game is for 2-4 players each having a tree stump with five different coloured empty acorn holes. The object of the game it to fill your tree stump with the coloured acorns. The first to do so is the winner! To play you take turns with a spinner that has various outcomes some good, some not so good!

  • Fun game with simple instructions even small children will understand yet enough of a competitive edge for older children to enjoy. It is best suited for children aged 3-7.
  • Great for colour recognition and matching in younger children.
  • Cute squirrel “picker upper” for selecting acorns and putting into the tree stump. This was Noah’s favourite job and is good for his fine motor skills!
  • The boys really enjoy playing this game. The 6yo is starting to understand you don’t “have” to win every time. However, the 3yo is still pretty single minded with this and is usually in squeals of delight or floods of tears depending upon how his game is going!
  • As with many board games, it is great for teaching children about taking turns and waiting for other people to have their go.
  • It has been awarded a Bronze Practical Pre-School Award which is recognised amongst early years professionals.
  • My concern was that the acorns would get lost as games with little pieces often do, but the tree stump holders are great to store the acorns in at the end of the game.
  • This is a very good quality game at the reasonable price of £19.95. Perfect for any nature loving child.

You can win your own game by going to the Facebook page. The competition ends on 30 April 2013. Good Luck!!

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  1. Granny says:

    We will have to play this game when we come to visit!

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